Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Pat Cairo

Pat Cairo (Paddy Dunne)

The character promo for the affable, guitar strumming Corkonian has just gone online on the Episode 4 section of the Vultures website.

Played by Paddy Dunne, Pat Cairo is possibly the nicest new boyfriend a girl could have. He also wears remarkably well knitted jumpers. All the more reason for Jim Vultour to hate him so.

Find out more about Pat Cairo and look at his smiling face right here. And if you just can't get enough at this stage, then check out the Making Of Pat Cairo entry in the Development section of the website.

It's got the background of how we came up with the character, why we came up with him and why he looks so much like Liam Clancy.

Pat Cairo was one of the most fun characters to write and I know Paddy had a blast playing him. He was mad for that little smig of his. Any excuse to grow it. There'll be more Pat Cairo to come in the new Vultures episodes, most likely smiling and all. More on these new episodes I speak of very soon indeed.

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