Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Episode 4's Bonus Leftovers

No, not deleted footage or extended footage or extra scenes. Bonus is the word we're using. Hell of a word, really. So fun and bouncy. As opposed to anything that might sound like we're really stuck for stuff to show people.

We have amassed quite a few Vultures scenes that were cut from episodes but generally they tend to not be much cop. This however, is something we liked. And it's a whole cohesive sequence.

It got cut out of Episode 4 'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates' due to time constraints. But we kind of wish we'd left it in. Mainly because the episode was long enough anyway. What's another 4 minutes when you've already given us 40? Amen.

Here is the full sequence of the V.P.I. detectives getting ready for the night out scenes that culminated the fourth episode:


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Great to see you blogging, as a writer/theatre person. John I know you are fierce busy, but there is debate on the literature part of the ArtLinks forum on the use of writing on blogs- would you mind logging on and saying what benefits you find in blogging as a writer..I'm going to try an challenge artlinks members soon to make one forum post a month. Cheers, Cathy

John Morton said...

Hey Cathy,

Sorry for the delay but yup, I'll get onto that. I'd be happy to join the discussion.