Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trainspotting Clippage

Over the past couple of weeks we've been slowly releasing clips from our production of Trainspotting online. It played in the Watergate Theatre from June 24th - 28th of last year and it went rather well. Here's the first three clips that we put up online.

Blue Monday / The Opening

Spud's Accident

Meet Begbie

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates' is a coming

The edit is nearly done and all the fancy bells and whistles are being put into place as we speak. So we can safely announce that the fourth installment in our constantly ongoing Vultures adventures will go online on Sunday February 1st.

We decided to go for a funky Saul Bass riff on the title card, plenty of primary colours and moving shapes. Paddy did a helluva of a job on this one, drawing from the title cards he designed for The Man With The Golden Arm, Vertigo, Psycho et al. It looks a treat, the title card fanboy in me just went wild.

As for the episode itself, I'll let the promo blurb from the website do the talking:

"Our newest episode sees the arrival in the V.P.I. offices of a TY student on work experience. Played by Suzanne O’Brien, Janine Drew is brash, ambitious and what in social circles is known as a 'chav.' Her appointment coincides with a series of errant romantic entanglements that degenerate into a potential powder keg of social embarrassment, messy divorce cases and extreme violence."

So that sums the whole shebang up. There's plenty of surprises in store on this episode and we had a great time writing it and filming it so I hope that translates on the computer screen. I'm also hoping it's going to show the improvement and the confidence we're gaining as the project progresses. Not to mention the crew. What a bonus!

It's going online Sunday week so please do give it a watch. It's also available on iTunes if you're an iTuner.

We're still in the midst of filming the 5th and 6th parts back to back, I'll write something about that soon. This mix of pre-production and production and post production leaves very little room for internet updates, or anything else for that matter but I'll try my darndest.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Start Magazine review The War Of The Worlds

Align Center
Start Magazine have just published a review of Devious Theatre's radio production of The War Of The Worlds in their latest edition. It goes as such:

"Devious Theatre’s radio version of H.G Wells’ War Of The Worlds (KCLR - October 31st) attempted to follow the pattern set by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre’s famous version, incidentally broadcast seventy years to the day.

To our perhaps more sophisticated ears, the earliest part of the production worked best, as the Martian invasion was slowly revealed with programmes being interrupted as the horror unfolded.

The imaginative destruction of the region was replete with local villages such as Tulla and Castlecomer and this added to the interest and excitement felt by the listener.

The production itself was well prestented, with strong sound effects, especially able to bring over the idea of the multitude fleeing the approaching terror. All in all the piece was a job well done and suggests an alternative approach that can be taken by theatre companies in the area to produce work that doesn’t require touring and the costs invovled.

This was theatre sent directly to the listener."

The War Of The Worlds is still available as a downloadable broadcast which can be nabbed for free on

The same edition also has Kilkenny's Rarely Seen Above Ground aka Jeremy Hickey on the front page with a nifty little article inside and it also has a brief article on YIFM's latest The Suitors and our own Vultures. The magazine, which covers all arts in the South East, can be downloaded for free here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How To Identify A Pinkerton

Pinkertons are in town and they are coming for your jobs and women and of course, with particular relish, your children.

How do I identify these Pinkertons?

Here's the how:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jackie by Scott Walker

Please do check out this fantastic animated video of the great Scott Walker's 'Jackie' as conceived and animated by the nurturing womb of the supremely talented Mick Harrison and cut together by Alan Slattery. It's the newest piece of work to sit under the Mycrofilms umbrella and it really is a lovely piece of madcap genius.

Do check it out, do do:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vultures Episode 5 & 6 start

As of yesterday, January 3rd, we began filming Vultures Episode 5 and Episode 6, back to back. Like the way proper sitcoms are usually done! The shoot is going on throughout January and February, with a lot of actors and a lot of scenes and a lot of tea powered work to be done. I've bought thermals, I'm clearing the evil demon of alcohol from body (for a while at least) and I bought a new multi nib pen and plastic folders. I am fucking ready!

I'm not at liberty to mention anything about the details of our low budget webcom shoot. But all I will say is that we've got a brand new updated crew on board, a rather large and varied cast of characters and that direction duties are being concurrently handled by myself ("Uh, I think you need a longer pause") and the currently one armed but ever resilient Ross Costigan ("Uh, that needs to be reframed...wait, yeah, that's it"). So on we march! More updates and info as we have them. We're still in the edit for 'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates' so expect some sort of date for that to materialise for that soon. Here's me and Dave and Suzanne using our acting in it:

A happy new year to all!

My resolutions are pretty much:

1. Finish Vultures.
2. Get Vultures out there. Where, I don't know.
3. Finish Bansheeville. Needs more banshees.
4. Not write any more plays or low budget web sitcoms for a long, long time.
5. Take a holiday.
6. Finally get the time to use the car I bought back in 2007.
7. Eat more things with green in them.
8. Watch a lot more plays. And films. And read things.
9. I'd like to learn some sort of new and practical dance.
10. Save enough money to send me to South Africa in 2010. I'm also going to tie this resolution into having an excuse to go to South Africa in 2010.

Back to the grindstone.