Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vultures - The Irish Blog Awards 2009 Intro

Here you'll find the video introduction from the gentlemen detectives of V.P.I. which served as the introduction for the 'Specialist Blog' category at this years Irish Blog Awards which took place in Cork on February 21st.

Thanks to Darragh Doyle for this one. It was a pleasure to discuss the fine art of the 'blogging'.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Choose Life / Welcome To Mother Superior's

Here's two of our latest Trainspotting clips to go online.

They both form two different parts of the same scene. In the first is Mark Renton's now iconic 'Choose Life' rant which is soon interrupted by a smack craving Sick Boy. The second scene sees the two of them making their way to Mother Superior's drug den as the horrors of withdrawal kick in. There's a lot worse horrors to come though...

For more on our production of Trainspotting, we've a pretty extensive archive right here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Devious Theatre go to the Irish Blog Awards

Us Deviousers have been blogging away on since we got set up in May 2006 and now we've got an unexpected bit of recognition for it.

We've just been nominated for Best Arts and Culture Blog at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards which will be taking place down in Cork this Saturday night.

The blog has been run by the lot of us together and we've used it to document every stage of our production process from conception to rehearsals to design to promo campaigns, all the way through to the productions themselves and then into the archiving process. We've also branched out a wee bit and now include any Kilkenny theatre news and indeed, any local arts happenings. It's been an invaluable method of archiving for us and it serves as a nice reminder of the work that's been done and still to do. And I'm looking forward to having more theatre to blog about. We generally stand around and plan things and look like this before we blog about it:

So if you're interested, do check it out at and wish us well on Saturday night. Ken is flying the flag alone so I hope he doesn't get too drunk and make a holy show of us. Chances are, he will.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This short was made by John Doran and Jack O'Leary at the Meaningless Movies stable and it's just amazing.

Best film of 2009 so far. Eat that Mickey Rourke.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Old Fangs

Old Fangs is a new animated short being made by that powerhouse of Irish animation, The Cartoon Saloon. And yesterday myself, Ross Costigan and David Thompson had the pleasure and the privilege of going into the studio to do some voice work for the film's central triumvirate of Cat, Wolf and Fox.

I'll write in more detail about it later but the main purpose of this post is to highlight the Old Fangs blog by the film's creator, the amazingly talented Adrien Merigeau. So check it out here.

And Cartoon Saloon also have their new animated feature The Secret Of Kells in cinemas on March 6th after it closes the Jameson Dublin Film Fesitval on February 22nd so that's another date for the ever expanding movie date diary. Which I don't actually have but could probably do with.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Tatiana Leeson

Since 'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates' has just gone online, new character profiles are being added to This is the first one up, a lovely picture by Ross Costigan that captures the Cold War in lady form.

Tatiana Leeson (Edwina Whearty)

Find out more about Russia's scariest export since TATU on 'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates' page on

Monday, February 2, 2009

'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates' is online

The newest episode of Vultures went online yesterday and it's free for all viewage at Or else you can watch it here!

We're pretty happy with it I have to say. More and more our intentions and what we want to achieve is actually being realised. So yeah, little by little, it's getting there. But please do enjoy, I'd love to hear any feedback too.