Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Fred Bass

Fred Bass (Eddie Brennan)

The long overdue character profile for monosyllabic, surly old sea dog Fred Bass has just gone online over on the Vultures Pilot page.

You can discover all you ever wanted to know about this most enigmatic of rum swilling fishermen cum store Santas.

Fred Bass was one of the very first characters we conceived. Mostly because of the fact that we had a Tintin-esque character in Niall Tennyson and it made sense to have a Captain Haddock character to compliment him. Although we have refrained from having Fred yelp 'Blisterin' barnacles!' just yet. But give it time...

This photo, courtesy of Ross Costigan, places Fred right outside one of his favourite haunts, The Fish Centre. It's one of my favourite Vultures character promos so far. Put Fred next to anything with fish and I'm happy out.

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