Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pinkertons: Now Open In Leitrim

The villainous Pinkertons of our ongoing webcom Vultures have recently updated their website. And it turns out they've set up a new branch. In Leitrim of all places. The swanky scumbags.

Over in the land of Vultures, the Pinkertons mob are upping the stakes as anyone who has watched 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' might have seen. They've got the ominous Hooded Man and Eye Patch Man being joined by a very dapper Brick Man. With Episode 6 being titled 'Attack Of The Pinkertons', it's safe to say that things are going to escalate to a crazy degree. And we still haven't got around to their leader Natalie Blaise.

In the lead up to Episode 6, there's going to be a lot more activity over on the Pinkertons website so keep an eye on it. Just don't be tempted to join the fuckers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shakespeare Is Only In Bits

As part of this weekends Shakespeare In The House festival which is taking place in Rothe House, Kilkenny, us folks at Devious Theatre are performing a 45 minute slot entitled Shakespeare In Bits.

With Stags and Hens being full tilt ahead, it wasn't possible for us to stage a full on Shakespeare production so we decided to do something to complement the fine work that will no doubt be done by the good thespians of Dreamstuff Youth Theatre.

The production is made up of various Shakespeare related sketches (Shakespeare's editor and a 16th centruy version of the Bale rant with William Shakespeare walking in front of the 'cantelbras'), some Shakespeare based works (The Reduced Shakespeare Company, Rosencrantz and Guidenstern Are Dead), some devised Shakespeare pieces, some monologues and a whole lot of nice little bridging devices between. It's going to be a crash course in Shakespeare for the ADD generation.

With a troupe of 7 actors (all well versed in the playing of Shakespeare), this should be a fast paced mish mash of a mixed bag of Shakespeare related hi-jinks. Apart from myself, the actors involved are Scott Barriscale, Stephen Colfer, John Doran, Ken McGuire, Kevin Mooney and Niamh Moroney.

The festival takes place all over the weekend and there's plenty going on throughout the rather splendid setting of Rothe House for two days. And it's all entirely free! So do pop along. Bring rotten vegetables if needs be. Just save them for the kids.

We're on at 3pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stags and Hens Poster

The 70's tastic main poster for our upcoming production of Willy Russell's Stags and Hens has gone online over at

Expertly designed by Mr. Paddy Dunne, it features the titular stag and hen parties of the play in their own little toilet cubicle settings. Which aptly enough is where they spend most of the play anyway! It's got a lovely, and slightly tacky, 1970's disco feel which is exactly where the play is coming from. The promotion campaign is currently revving up for July 21st when the play will take to the stage of the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny until July 25th.

Paddy has written a blog talking us through the poster and it can be read in all it's glory over here.

The rehearsals are coming along great and there's also some pretty nifty rehearsal photos over on the site as taken by Messrs McGuire and Galster.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm is online!

The newest installment of Vultures has gone online as of last night.

This is the fifth episode of Vultures and I'm probably the most satisfied (as in least complainy) with this one. The general consensus coming from the cast and crew screening was 'the best one since Episode 2' which made me very happy indeed. Episode 2 has always been our best episode I think and it was nice to recapture the fast paced comic feel with this one. NOTE: If audiences prefer the ones with dead hookers and frantic fugitive escapades more than the ones about bin bags and blind dates, it's a good indicator that audiences like things to be exciting!

Personally, my favourite aspect of 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' is getting to see the depth of cast. The supporting characters are really effective in it and every actor has done fine work to create such distinctive characters. From my own perspective, playing one of the detectives, I think we've succeeded in freshening up the dynamic between V.P.I. and their relationship with each other. It got a little stale in episodes 3 & 4 I felt, but we seem to be back on track heading into the final strait.

So, do enjoy the fruits of our tired, low budget sitcom making efforts. This week I'm back to chopping the footage down for Episode 6, which will go online in August. If, for some reason, you have Vultures related needs, the only place for them is over at We'll have some real nice little bits and bobs in the coming weeks.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Episode 5 Is Ready To Roll

After a lot of editing on really hot days with little air conditioning in the room, Vultures 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' is just about ready for its bow this Sunday on

This is a glimpse at the title card for the episode, as designed by Paddy Dunne. Suitably 70's paranoia thriller, it gives a nice taste of the kind of vibe we're going for on this one. This is our North By Northwest / The French Connection aping episode. Hopefully keeping the adventure to the forefront along with the comedy. I'll quietly say it's the best one we've done so far but don't take my word for it.

Here's the newly Youtubised version of the Episode 5 trailer. Please do take a gander when it goes online Sunday.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet Jane Tennyson

The character profile for Jane Tennyson has just gone online over on the Episode 4 page.

Played by Annette O'Shea, Jane is the slightly potty mouthed and somewhat aggressive Bangarda twin sister of Niall Tennyson, played by Sean Hackett.

Jane was another one of those characters that we had come up with very early on, but like Janine, we never got to put her into an episode until 'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates'. In that episode we only just about got her established, and even at that I've a feeling that she was established to be something she might not be. But we do get ample time to spend with her in the upcoming 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' where you'll get a chance to see the character take a bigger part in proceedings.

In terms of the roots of this character, over on the Development page myself and Paddy have wrote another one of those needlessly over referential essays about characters that we do so like to write. This one is 'The Making Of A Modern Law Lady'. And you'll find out much more about the character and generally, why she exists.

As you can see, police dramas were a big part of our research. Especially TJ Hooker.