Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet Isabelle Vultour

Isabelle Vultour (Liadain Kaminska)

The newest in our Vultures character profiles is the extremely long overdue entry for the lovely Isabelle Vultour, played by Liadain Kaminska. The profile for the affable, softly spoken, ballerina sister of Jim Vultour and love interest of Dan McGrain can now be found on the page for the Vultures pilot.

Isabelle is a character that I really like, probably because she's so nice, like any good love interest is. But I always liked the twist that she's so nice that she attracts nice men who instead of flattering her, make her think she's going to get perved on or raped. Like Dan McGrain. Who's not like that but nowadays it's not a good idea to send anonymous gifts and letters to a lady you like. For 8 years.

She's spent the first 4 episodes being really nice but she's finally going to have some material to get her teeth into in the next few episodes. Which is good because otherwise Liadain probably would have quit by now.

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