Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet The Terrific Three...

The trailer for the final episode of Vultures 'The Long Goodbye' has just gone online.

Set in the glory days of 1998, when the summer holidays were spent laughing, running, solving and knacker drinking, we're introduced to the teenage Dan McGrain, Jim Vultour and Natalie Blaise, all before things went very, very bad.

But for a while, these teen detectives were the best of friends and could do no wrong. And here they are, in all their Blyton-esque glory.

Thanks to the immensely talented gents that are David Sheenan, Neil Quigley and Peter Lawlor for producing that 70's tastic title track. And also thanks to David Galster, James Doran and Hazel Doyle for such good flashback acting.

'The Long Goodbye' goes online this Sunday October 4th over at

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