Monday, October 5, 2009

The Long Goodbye

With a teary eye, the final episode of Vultures has just gone online.

'The Long Goodbye'
is the concluding part of our comic detective serial and follows on from the events of 'Attack Of The Pinkertons'

The episode is synopsised as thus:

'With Isabelle Vultour captured and the Pinkertons establishing their firm grip on the town, the gentlemen detectives of V.P.I. must concoct a plan to get Isabelle back, stick it to the Pinkertons and for Vultour and McGrain... avoid a threesome with Natalie Blaise? But in order to do so they must rally the troops. And the actions of the bullying Pinkertons has ensure that there's plenty of volunteers. This is it. The final battle. The detective apocalypse. Who will reign supreme? Who will prove to the best detective force in town? Or will it all descend into a terrible mess? This is the long goodbye, where the goodbyes are long and the farewells are hard.'

Thanks so much to all the cast and crew who worked on Vultures over the past 2 years, without you we wouldn't have a low budget webcom!

Also, a big thanks to the people who have watched it and have supported the show since we first shot and screened that first episode in Christmas week back in December 2007. We're glad to have reached the end of the road with it, it's been a hell of a journey and this is a rather fitting goodbye. A long one.

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