Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Pinkertons Have Attacked!

The penultimate episode of Vultures 'Attack Of The Pinkertons' has just gone online. And here it is!

This is the first of our two part finale that will conclude with 'The Long Goodbye' on October 4th.

We had the screening for cast and crew on Saturday night and it was lovely to bring the series to a close with everyone who worked on it. People who we are enternally indebted to. The sheer exhaustion of finishing has been helped by the nice feeling of accomplishment in completing the series and telling the story we wanted to tell. It was a tough, long haul and we learnt many lessons, and indeed probably would do it completely differently but it was worth it. Which is really all that counts.Align Center

If you believe in the Pinkertons then you've probably seen their campaign popping up around the place and their website has been spruced up too. Here's some photos from the campaign as taken by Ross Costigan, who has provided fine acting, photography and directing throughout the project. Enjoy!

Oh, and keep an eye out for the Episode 7 teaser trailer which will go online this Sunda

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