Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pinkertons: Now Open In Leitrim

The villainous Pinkertons of our ongoing webcom Vultures have recently updated their website. And it turns out they've set up a new branch. In Leitrim of all places. The swanky scumbags.

Over in the land of Vultures, the Pinkertons mob are upping the stakes as anyone who has watched 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' might have seen. They've got the ominous Hooded Man and Eye Patch Man being joined by a very dapper Brick Man. With Episode 6 being titled 'Attack Of The Pinkertons', it's safe to say that things are going to escalate to a crazy degree. And we still haven't got around to their leader Natalie Blaise.

In the lead up to Episode 6, there's going to be a lot more activity over on the Pinkertons website so keep an eye on it. Just don't be tempted to join the fuckers.

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Le Suit said...

Those swanky pricks couldn't face those mountains!