Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet Jane Tennyson

The character profile for Jane Tennyson has just gone online over on the Episode 4 page.

Played by Annette O'Shea, Jane is the slightly potty mouthed and somewhat aggressive Bangarda twin sister of Niall Tennyson, played by Sean Hackett.

Jane was another one of those characters that we had come up with very early on, but like Janine, we never got to put her into an episode until 'The Case Of The Poisoned Dates'. In that episode we only just about got her established, and even at that I've a feeling that she was established to be something she might not be. But we do get ample time to spend with her in the upcoming 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' where you'll get a chance to see the character take a bigger part in proceedings.

In terms of the roots of this character, over on the Development page myself and Paddy have wrote another one of those needlessly over referential essays about characters that we do so like to write. This one is 'The Making Of A Modern Law Lady'. And you'll find out much more about the character and generally, why she exists.

As you can see, police dramas were a big part of our research. Especially TJ Hooker.

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