Monday, June 8, 2009

The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm is online!

The newest installment of Vultures has gone online as of last night.

This is the fifth episode of Vultures and I'm probably the most satisfied (as in least complainy) with this one. The general consensus coming from the cast and crew screening was 'the best one since Episode 2' which made me very happy indeed. Episode 2 has always been our best episode I think and it was nice to recapture the fast paced comic feel with this one. NOTE: If audiences prefer the ones with dead hookers and frantic fugitive escapades more than the ones about bin bags and blind dates, it's a good indicator that audiences like things to be exciting!

Personally, my favourite aspect of 'The Adventure Of The Hidden Microfilm' is getting to see the depth of cast. The supporting characters are really effective in it and every actor has done fine work to create such distinctive characters. From my own perspective, playing one of the detectives, I think we've succeeded in freshening up the dynamic between V.P.I. and their relationship with each other. It got a little stale in episodes 3 & 4 I felt, but we seem to be back on track heading into the final strait.

So, do enjoy the fruits of our tired, low budget sitcom making efforts. This week I'm back to chopping the footage down for Episode 6, which will go online in August. If, for some reason, you have Vultures related needs, the only place for them is over at We'll have some real nice little bits and bobs in the coming weeks.

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