Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Just Keep Me Hanging On...

A one act play I wrote called Tenterhooks is getting another airing tomorrow night as a part of What's On Tom's 7 Deadly Scenes show. 7 short plays all performed in 2 hours in the really lovely surroundings of the Set Theatre.

Tenterhooks stars Jack O'Leary and Lynsey Moran and is directed by Andrew O'Leary. It's a black comedy about a suicidal woman searching for a knight in shining armour in a variety of different suicide and accident blackspots. That's pretty much it.

So, that and 6 other plays for 10 Euro is a pretty good deal. And it's one night only! 7 Deadly Scenes plays tomorrow night in the Set Theatre, John Street, Kilkenny.

I wrote a review of the last performance I attended and if so interested it can be checked out here.

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Stephen said...

OOOOH! sounds great! have you read about beachy head? never give beachy head.

see you Saturday!!!!!