Friday, March 6, 2009

Photographing Vultures

There's a lot of really lovely new photos from the fourth installment of Vultures gone online now over at the website. You can have a gander right here.

The photos for Vultures were intermittently handled by Ross Costigan for the first two episodes. Since 'The Mystery Of The Night Time Refuse' he came on board fully as on set photographer and the quality of the picture content has gone through the roof. His eye for character and detail is razor sharp and thus, the pictures have so much life to them. When you're filming something with so many heightened characters and scenarios, it's important that everything is crystal clear visually and Ross has brought that to his work as photographer and also as a director. He's an exceptionally talented photographer and like a lot of talented photographers, he's had to spend a long time making shit bands look good in shit locations with shit lighting (There's many exceptions to this rule on his website. See the promo stuff for Clive Barnes and The Lion's Mane for example). But if the Vultures shoot has done anything, it's given him opportunity to show off his bag of tricks with a shitload of different characters, locations and scenarios. There's an awful lot more of his stuff to come from the shoot for Episodes 5 & 6 and they're going to be fucking great, I promise. In the meantime, check out all his other pictorial delights here.

Here's a couple of my own favourites from Episode 4:

This photo I love, not so much for the Vulturesness of it all but rather for the fact that Ross made a lovely looking park look even lovelier. We shot this on a very crisp, cold November morning and the light was just perfect. A lovely shot, even with a man stalking a mad Russian woman in it. Lovely.

This is a perfect example of a picture summing up an entire scene. It's not the easiest thing to do but it's done to perfection here.

This is one of those shots that captures the sense of behind the scenes in a really lovely way. Just a few actors bantering. As opposed to men tinkering with lights for hours. The colours here came out lovely. And that's the main miracle of this picture. Our office is shit for lighting.

This picture of Janine Drew and Jim Vultour is one of my favourites basically because of the unholy alliance of the colours pink and brown. I'm glad we decided to put those two together because that colour scheme is not just the essence of these two characters but also of how mismatched they are. Disgusting for the eyes, really. But in a good way. Another lovely example of a picture that illustrates a scene.

If these pics tickle your fancy head on over to the Vultures website and check out some more.

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