Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Heart Scott Pilgrim

I usually just blog about things I'm working on in the hope that people get interested in them and will maybe watch them / attend them / eat them. As opposed to blogging about stupid shit like (a. myself or (b. nothing. So this blog transcends all of that as it's something I'm so interested in that I want other people to be interested in. It's a comic book series called Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley and it is my favourite thing in the world. Ever.

I just finished Volume 5 which is entitled, Scott Pilgrim v The Universe. And it is fucking brilliant. I routinely carry these books around me and pretty much consistently re-read them. In short I'm obsessed.

I came across these books 4 years ago or so at a time when I had an idea for a film that I was hoping to write for Young Irish Film Makers. It was based on my experiences of going out with a girl and then finding out that a whole bunch of guys were infatuated with her and you just stepped right into the firing line. All different types of guys from different walks of life. And you gotta fight for that girl! And uh, then I came across Scott Pilgrim (which is about his attempts to fend off the league of 7 Evil Ex Boyfriends of Ramona Flowers) and pretty much cursed and nixed my idea. And I didn't fight either. 'Cos I'm just not an awesome ninja.

Incidentally, that initial idea of mine soon transmogrified itself into an idea for a film called The Suitors which was eventually written and directed by my good friend Stephen Colfer and it's coming out soon. So, hey, it wasn't all bad.

And I went off and read Scott Pilgrim instead. And spending year after year biding my time for news and updates on the next volume and grinding my teeth and getting really obsessive. And now Edgar Wright has a film coming out so the little book I obsessively protected and only whispered about in shrouded conversations with people, is gonna go off big style and everyone will love it.

And everyone should love it. 'Cos it's fucking brilliant. It's like every bit of action, comedy and romance I've ever wanted to read in anything ever. I only hope the film does it justice. And it better, cos I'm grinding my teeth and getting really obsessive about it.

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