Monday, April 12, 2010

'Address The Silence' by Von Bizmark

Von Bizmark have just released their 'Address The Silence' single and we got the lovely job of doing the video for it.

I scripted and directed it with Alan Slattery producing it under our Mycrofilms outfit. Also thanks to John Doran, Lucy McKenna, Stephen Morton and Sarah Dunphy for all their work on it. Sarah also got to do some acting along with Jessica Walsh and Stephen Colfer who did a fine line in loving and torturing. But mostly torturing.

I'd had this voodoo doll couple chase concept chalked down for a potential music video and when John Coady of Von Bizmark sent me the track and there was a mention of 'voodoo dolls' it was pretty inevitable that this was the video to use it in. And here it is:

The single itself is out since Friday and the lads have a tour in full swing to support it, all details can be found over on There's also a website set up for the video itself so check it out over here. Ken McGuire of Rewind PR is the man doing a fine line in promoting and websiting for Von Bizmark so additional thanks to him for pimping out the video.

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