Monday, February 15, 2010

Once Upon A Time In The Glorious Revolution

Once Upon A Time In The Glorious Revolution is an Irish historical western that I was very fortunate to work on last year. After the trailer was released a few weeks back, the entire film has just been put online in all it's rainy, blood soaked glory.

Written and directed by Sean Clancy, it's a about a family of Irish guerilla fighters in the 17th century who are thrown into disarray when an old comrade comes back looking for revenge. I play one of said family of guerilla fighters and it was a mighty fun shoot, jumping, hopping, lepping and killing lads around the beautiful, wild Leitrim countryside. Why more films aren't shot in Leitrim I don't know, it's a veritable harvest of amazing locations, as you'll see with this film. Apart from the fucking midges. Which you'll also see in this film. Bastards.

Apart from meself, the cast features Peter McGann, Dermot McKee, Stephen Considine, Caolan Clancy and some handsome, multitasking pup as the youngest of the three brothers. I'm the middle one so that made a nice change from real life.

I wrote a previous entry about the shoot here. And now the final product is ready for online eyes to see. It's been shopped around a few festivals as I speak.

Sean has just put the film up on IMDB and it can be watched right here.

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Stephen said...

good work brother john.
the whole family will be proud.