Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Janine Drew Agency

We've started the promotional push for the upcoming sixth installment of Vultures 'Attack Of The Pinkertons'.

And the first thing we've launched is a website and promo advert for everyone's favourite teen chav detective, Janine Drew. Janine has decided to branch out and using all the smarts and business acumen she's attained during her Transition Year run, she's set up her own business. It's an after school detectve project entitled The Janine Drew Agency. And she's even got her own website

She's joined by Shane and Nicky Hardy, two wayward young dopes who she's coralled into helping her. These lads have fliers and everything. It's pretty obvious who these three teen detectives are based on but hey, half the fun is in the inspiration.

Of course with three rival detective agencies operating in the land of Vultures, there's no doubt that all tensions will come to a head in Episode 6. The Janine Drew Agency are also relevant to another little subplot we've got going so do keep tuned to see where it all leads.

On the website you'll find Janine's promo videos and find her blog. Which should no doubt be a source of constant flashing fonts and sparkling icons.

'Attack Of The Pinkertons' is coming soon, real soon... Watch your backs.

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