Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Devious Theatre go to the Irish Blog Awards

Us Deviousers have been blogging away on DeviousTheatre.com since we got set up in May 2006 and now we've got an unexpected bit of recognition for it.

We've just been nominated for Best Arts and Culture Blog at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards which will be taking place down in Cork this Saturday night.

The blog has been run by the lot of us together and we've used it to document every stage of our production process from conception to rehearsals to design to promo campaigns, all the way through to the productions themselves and then into the archiving process. We've also branched out a wee bit and now include any Kilkenny theatre news and indeed, any local arts happenings. It's been an invaluable method of archiving for us and it serves as a nice reminder of the work that's been done and still to do. And I'm looking forward to having more theatre to blog about. We generally stand around and plan things and look like this before we blog about it:

So if you're interested, do check it out at www.DeviousTheatre.com and wish us well on Saturday night. Ken is flying the flag alone so I hope he doesn't get too drunk and make a holy show of us. Chances are, he will.


Ken McGuire said...

Without Costigan with me there's a chance I might not have a tequila this year.

Then again, maybe I should have one in his honour. Then two, as he'd make me have a second one. Then three because I'd insist on buying the third one.

So yes, that chance is quite high, but the flag will be flown!

Mick Minogue said...

Well done lad and to all the lads thats some sweeeet awesomeness right there and if ye dont win im gonna riot for ye !!!Bastards better pick right or this is Sparta on their ass!!!