Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet Noah Hennessy and Tom Moriarty

Here's more additions to the character profiles for Vultures. You can check them out on our ever expanding website at These are 2 character that were introduced in the second episode, 'The Scarlet Lady Vanishes'.


First up is the Italia 90 obsessed, permanently moustached taxi driver / butcher, Noah Hennessy played by Gus McDonagh. He's a man not to be messed with. Especially if you try to strangle his prostitute girlfriend.

Check out his profile at


Next up is the ever so smooth, well groomed moustache of Isabelle Vultour's slick architecht boyfriend Tom Moriarty as played by Stephen Colfer. A man so slick he makes David Niven look like a hobo.

Learn more about this modern day Casanova at his profile

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